Analytics Hebrew Pi 01
 The Camel & The Door 



Hebrew Pi 01 - 3.14159265358979323846264338 - Sum 129

As I stand in the desert on a hot and dry day, 

I see the camel who will take me along The Way.  

                  3                                             1

He looks as if a Gimel but his humps do not count three.


It’s not until I’m on Him does the middle one become me.  

Take me on a journey across the sands of time.  

I know not where our Journey will lead, 

I know only its the appointed time.  

Abba, Our Father, stands at The Door.  


Behold! My Son whom the world has twisted, 


but whom I adore.  I sent Him to gather a family 

                                                       9           2

that was few, as for all the others, 

they spoke lies and yelled, "Crucify Him too!”  

The Son of Man was nailed to a cross, shedding his 


blood so that a remnant could have eyes that see.

Behold, look closely at the camel again!  

    5                                       3

Behold, a fence is set in front and back dear friend.  

    5            8                          9

Camels twisting and turning between the 

streams that are within.  Will you pull your 

weapon like the twisted minds of these men?  

     7                                                   9

Oh my camel let us ride like the wind, 


across the desert sands, to a home of camels 

                                                 2           3

who are righteous men.  For in their place the fence


The Torah, is secured, for the gate is nailed shut, 

                                              4              6

camels must endure.  They run up to the house


banging on The Door, but as they now look around, 

They See, the nails driven through the hidden 


parchment that contains the Mystery by The Door.  


As more camels come in, from The Same Way 

                  3          3

we’ve been,  we kneel at the fence, giving 


thanks with our prayers up to Him.

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