Hebrew Pi 02 - Those who Slice


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Camel my friend you’ve come yet again.  Our family has become one and three.  Riding on high wielding the weapon of war remember Jesus, Yeshua, who raised the basket for all once more.  The seed of faith sown in the many that faithful day, Yea, that story that aligned what all the apostles had to say.  The house was set by the waters that day, a fence was put up to keep evil away.  

Come now and unite for we stand at The Door.  Our Father is with us he surrounds those with weapons of war.  Our Father surrounds those who slice with His Word.

Oh Camel, now come along The Way we should go.  Let us raise the basket with faith once more.  Letting the container be filled with the humps on our friend.  Yes the harvest of the fruit is now ripened in the field, Behold!  Worship, cross over and become an overcomer dear friends.   

Behold here is the enclosure that holds the cup of wrath.  It is the container, a weapon that will be poured out at long last. 

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