Hebrew Pi 09 - The Loving Connection


Hebrew Pi 09 - 566923460348610454326648213393607 - Sum 256

Breathe the breath of life upon each of us this day.  Let the rain be as liquid light connecting heaven and earth this way.  Let our illumination hear the words of YHVH again today.  Bring us into completeness, light the fire for the incense, raise our prayers this way.  Yea, let the smoke in the tabernacle be raised to heavenly nostrils today.

Give words to the Apostles and Prophets, let the poor men be helped in.  Let the suffering for abundance become a reward for them.  For when a veil is removed in front of the tabernacle door that’s when life everlasting stands as pillars for those that thirst for more.

Listen for His utterance, these precious words of ten.  His breath moves through the veil helping the poor to come in.  Let us gather for the blessing, the loving connection by the door.  Let us move through the Chuppah as the wife that he adores.  

With an apostolic nature, riding a camel and nourishing friends.  The basket is raised among the righteous ones who walk The Way with Him.  The wedding is but another Sabbath, let the bride bring the harvest in.

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