Hebrew Pi 10 - Seed Penetrate Within


Hebrew Pi 10 - 2602491412737245870066063155881748 - Sum 943

The one that lives life with us is found more precious than rubies and pearls.  The day of our wedding heralded all the goodness that was to be unfurled.   When the veil was pulled back and I looked into those green eyes again, I was surround by YHVH's love like a pauper who became a friend.  

Our house is full of blessings as the children run, laugh and play.  Our hearts have an abundant harvest for our trees are rooted in The Way.  Our reward is found in the completeness of the bride who I live along side.  Our house is full of love for the gimel helped us inside.  

He breathes upon us as we unite, letting His seed penetrate within.  This connecting with Heaven are the Words of Yesuha and His revelation my friends.  Let the children ride upon the camel each and every day.  Let their little loving hearts travel along upon The Way.  YHVH grant them eyes that can see, breath your revelation love on them as You’ve done on to Me.  

Our life is united as we stand as an Oak tree by the rows.  Let those that are poor and weak find life and love evermore.  Let them pass through the wall, finding The Door, they come in.  Laying down life’s burdens and becoming yoked that we may be taught by Him.

She has me and She has YOU!  She IS WISDOM!

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