Hebrew Pi 12 - Weakness of Men


Hebrew Pi 12 - 903600113305305488204665213841469519 - Sum 222 

Life everlasting, a pillar and a breath of Him.  He opens up our hand, we scoop living water within.  Righteous ones are as clouds containing liquid light.  Let the Tabernacle walls contain our Families, Revelation and Love for what’s Right.  Let us be surrounded in the tent that reveals Him.  Let Apostolic Annointing be the bonding with YHVH’s bridegroom, as in Our closest friend.  

YHVH, break open the seed, that nourishment for men. Let Your illuminating Light shine upon The Door for the Pauper and the weakness of men.  Let us gather ears and hearts with cutting tools, removing flesh, revealing Him.  Let us tear down those bindings and shed the ol' serpents sin.  

Let Us receive His Blessings upon Our House this day.  Yea, the blessings that reveal the greatness of humility as we walk along The Way.

The Kernel is Filled with Divine Love in Revelation of Yeshua My Friends!

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