Hebrew Pi 13 - Now and Forevermore


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The Tzaddik chase humility, handing out its rewards. Some will see the hidden revelation, the birthing of Mashiach, His coming Glory restored.  YHVH stands as a mighty Oak, the One who resurrected Him. Likening to Apostles and Prophets holding staffs, come with teaching, Yea - the deep things my friends.  The Breath of the Ruach is that staff and master teacher of all.  May your seed be broken that faithful night when a blood moon shall pass over all.

Unity in Life with revelation of Torah, this will open The Door.  Let us pass through the veil, connecting with Heaven forevermore.  Let us illuminate like those who are at our sides, Yea - those blazing balls of liquid light that shine to reveal the revelation put into our minds.  

Let us become the Tabernacle, let YHVH reign inside.  Let us go out gathering those willing to be married with Him inside.  The Door is now opened, yet only paupers are seen coming in.  An apostolic rank helping the weak to conquer in His Mighty name yet again.  

Check the tent pegs for the four winds are about to blow.  Go round about the Tabernacle as the Ruach’s breath is blown.  With YHVH’s power we’ll crush the serpents head as we go through The Door.  With white raiment we’ll live with Him now and forevermore.

Shoot Straighter than YOU have before!

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