Hebrew Pi 14 - Weapon of War


Hebrew Pi 14 - 61173819326117931051185480744623 - Sum 316 

When the veil was torn, YHVH breath fell like a Pillar.  YHVH’s Divine completeness dangled in the air for all to witness.  A thorn thrust in their sides, the coming repentance to soon begin.  The temple became weak for the reward had left with Him.  The lambs and the scapegoat's blood set them free.  The Mashiach had come and left some eyes that could see.  The groom now searches for His bride to come in, into the Tabernacle that has yet to be built again.  

An eye of evil looks upon the feet of men, like a hook it is seen by all the Kedoshim.  The sword is now drawn, like a weapon of war.  We swing it cutting the line that it can’t bind us anymore.  We wield it with power as it cuts with its fire, the breeze is from YHVH’s breath and desire.  

With Strength we surround them to reveal the false teachings of men.  That serpent of old, who deceived creation and then the hearts of men.  HaShem divide us from these that are like chaff.  Bring us to the Marriage Supper, thru the Chuppah at long last.

Did YOU receive His Divine Message this Day?

the sword is the Word of God, The Bible, my friends.  Press In and Show Yourself Approved for it is the Glory of God to conceal a matter but the honor of Kings to search the matter out!

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