Hebrew Pi 15 - Hit the Mark


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Hear O’Israel, Yehovah, our Elohim is the One!  We are yoked and pulling the plow, spreading seeds, holding hands with the son.  Our steps are guided, faithful and true, we pass through the narrow gate trumpeting  the Gospel of Peace unto you.  In wholeness we gather all those at the tabernacle within, Yea those with the light illuminating, the bright light of the Kedoshim.    

Yehovah!  Yehovah!  Teach us Your ways!  Let the fruits that are harvested be righteous and say:  We’ve come as your bond servants, our duty is for this day.  Let us go out and harvest Yehovah’s Kingdom today.  May our labors be found worthy through His indwelling within, with thoughts of His Blood helping us hit the mark, known as Torah dear friends.

Let the spiral staircase, the DNA within, lead us to a Glory Cloud with revelations of Him.  Breath on us Father, Mighty Yehovah, my friend, tear down the walls that block your divine Love from getting in.  Breath on the veil, pierce it again.  Let your double edged sword cut through it, allowing us to come in.  We stand at The Door, with family and friends let us be found on Your Sabbath day, remembering Yeshua and telling our children of Him.

 Read Proverbs 4 today, pay special attention to what verse six has to say.

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