Hebrew Pi 16 - Reveal to Us this Mystery

Hebrew Pi 16 - 381830119491298336733624406566430 - Sum 166 

Bent over working, hoeing the rows in the fields.  Gazing over the righteous ones reaching up with wholeness to be fulfilled.  The liquid light comes upon the tender ones coming up in the fields.  Soon the plow will be ready to strip away the ones who bring us tears.  

The weak that are breathed upon by Him, are made strong like the Sabbath, coming each week, nourishing them.  Reveal to us this mystery.  Yehovah gives life as He pleases, breaking open the seed like the Bride in her completeness.   

Breath upon our Tabernacle, plow with us today.  Let your brightness come over our tabernacle with resonants this day.  Let The Door be opened, uniting us with those within.  Let Our baskets be raised that Yehovah will place much inside them yet again.  Yea, let the tabernacle, The Tabernacle of our Mind, be as an abundant harvest basket being filled time after time.  

Like One Crying Out in the Wilderness!  Awake! Arise!  
The Bridge Groom IS COMING!

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