Hebrew Pi 18 - Fountain of Wisdom


Hebrew Pi 18 - 37027705392171762931767523846748 - Sum 409 

Life is Journey, take the Journey my dear friends.  Pluck out the thorn, put there in the beginning of creation, that sixth day of men. Remember the Tabernacle has Power, the resurrection of righteousness and the brilliance of His Holy light.  Let the flesh that dangles be hooked and gathered, divorced now from the hull, a new creature rising up into His Glory that is coming upon us all.  

Build the house for the family, help the poor man through the door.  Grant him plenty to drink as he sits as the Gimel upon high.  Teach him how to harvest what is labored for in the fields.  Know that Yehovah flows these blessings to us, they come not from the plans of men.  

A Tzaddik you will become, a fountain of wisdom, a blessing unto men.  Yehovah’s bountiful harvest fills your baskets when your life has been married to Him.  Divine support is certain, a bonding and wholeness resonate within, for the veil allows us to go out and to enter back through that veil again.

Let us stand at the base of the Mountain, kneel down and receive All from YeHoVaH, our dearest friend.

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