Hebrew Pi 19 - The Door Now Opened


Hebrew Pi 19 - 18467669405132000568127145263560827 - Sum 267 

Carry a sheep upon thy shoulders, move through the veils within Your Temple.  Set him before the Ark, as a bride made ready for completeness.  The sheep is pure white and prepared for resurrection.  Receive the reward, a basket full of authority and gentleness.  

The Tabernacle of Yehovah, now symbolic as the Sabbath, draws His angels as weapons illuminating the spirit, eyes & ears of men.  Let each man stand firm, knowing for what he was created. By stepping inside, the serpents head is crushed along with ego, pride and sickness.  

The firmament has welled up within us.  Its light cuts through our flesh removing lustful desires.  The brightness has come and illuminates our eyes, the nourishing light looks as lightning across the skies.  

United we come, vibrating with energy.  The Door now opened we pass through the veils coming forth as many.  Our weapon is revelation that makes poor men as the Gimel dear friend.  We stand outside the door, as blinding lights radiating out upon the hearts of men.

She is Wisdom Dear Friend

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