Hebrew Pi 20 - Breaking Open of Them


Hebrew Pi 20 - 7857713427577896091736371787214 - Sum 428 

Yehovah gives life everlasting.  He has sent His son to be The Door.  Yeshua is the connection that liquid light connecting Heaven to Earth, Yea the Righteous One forevermore.  Mighty in deed His breathe is as the Ruach upon you and upon me.  

Yehovah has sent Him to gather a circle that will plant the seed.  Yeshua illuminates connecting Yehovah to the hearer so that there eyes can see.  No one comes to the Father without the unity of the Son.  Yehovah’s blessing is as the workman in the field, plowing with strength, helping the poor man laboring in the noon day sun.

Take the seed, calling down the rain of revelation for the breaking open of them.  Point The Way to the Tabernacle, pass by the pillars as you come in.  The Apostles and Prophets will soon reveal the abundance that has been stored up within the walls, Dear Friend.  He’ll protect the family, but they must be brought in, symbolic of the Sabbath day, the day when he renews our spirits again.

Let’s go Singing and Laughing in the Rain.

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