Hebrew Pi 22 - Reveal the Narrow Path to Them


Hebrew Pi 22 - 279689258923542019956112129021960- Sum 343 

Who hears the words?  It is only the one given ears to hear.  A wall surrounds the others that the prophecy will be fulfilled.  The weak are the wanting, weary from the chaos of this time.  They wait for one of strength to lift them up and give them a sip of sweet wine.  

Blessings are granted upon the poor and the weak this day.  Those pauper’s now with eyes to see are being helped along The Way.  The righteous ones of glory reveal the narrow path to them.  It is the breath, the Ruach of God, that allows them to open the gate and enter in.  

A reward is promised at the journey’s end.  The carrot dangled from a stick helps get the donkey moving again.  The carrot is like the Mashiach who came teaching all things, revealing what was hidden, filling hearts with boundless joy and minds with infinite wisdom.

A ram grazes in the meadow but looks weak and very poor.  The grass is failing, for the rain comes forth no more. What must be done to make it pour again?  The ram rears his head as the winds bring scent of rain my friends.  The scent of coming rain brings repentance forth, a waring within, a need given freely - a living sacrifice to Him.

Dividing the darkness, sending it up on high, gathers the storm and makes the dark sky cry.  The tears begin to fall as a soft summer rain.  The tools now in hand as ten utterances thunder with the sounds of pouring rain.  

The rain of revelation brings forth the sprouting of the seed. The garden must be hoed or the weeds take hold choking and bringing forth disease.   Hoe in the garden, be watchful for the mud.  Know always that repentance brings forth His blessings and the revelation of rain from Yehovah.

Immersed in the C, Christ, we will surely begin to B, Brothers, living together in our Yellow Submarine.

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