Hebrew Pi 23 - Scoop the Water into Your Hand


Hebrew Pi 23 - 864034418159813629774771309960518 - Sum 298 

Inside resonates the mystery, the bride ready to taste the new wine.  Your mind is now bonding with the mystery of the Gentiles of this time.  Like a fortress, a tower, Yea, a lighthouse before men, their light stretches forth binding those chosen by Him.  Righteous Ones, now ready, once saw the light coming from the sky.  Soon the Tabernacle will resonate within Your mind.

A breath of life, the Ruach puts inside.  Killing the beast daily, the pride that creeps in, that once was hard to subside.  The Tabernacle within, that place Yeshua resides, is found when the tent of meeting is pitched over across Your mind.  Faith and Hope like two poles in constant collide, flow through you like the wind that calls out through The Door NOW opened wide.

This is the living water, that springs forth from deep inside.  Kneel down, scoop the water into your hand, drink down the revelation of Torah, these are the things that make the Glory cloud go up into the sky.  Apostolic wisdom now surrounds the basket that is your mind.  Your seed is NOW broken, hulls left as dust upon the ground.

Like the Chrysalis in transformation, the DNA changes inside.  When the liquid light of heaven is realized that its not something up in the sky.  The Kingdom of Yehovah is within.  The tent of meeting, a Hebrew mindset, is where Your Journey begins.  Seek not Power but rather be a blessing unto men.  A Tzaddik - A Righteous Person - you will become, healing many with Love, Yea the boundless Love of Yeshua within.  

Now look inside the Tabernacle, the Tabernacle of Your Mind.  Look upon the things Yehovah has left for those that the Cherubim allow to pass by.  A branch, The Tablets and Revelation are what you’ll find.  A wholeness of Divine Support, the "Divine Vibe” that resonates from the streams that now flow from the deepest depths of Our minds.

She is Wisdom.  Let Her Into YOUR Mind!

Go and Walk with Her in the Garden, Smell the Flowers, Embrace the Vibe.

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