Hebrew Pi 24 - Gushing Forth Blood


Hebrew Pi 24  - 707211349999998372978049951059731 - Sum 274 

Take forth the sickle at your perfect time.  Divide the wheat from the chaff for it shall soon be the appointed time.  Mighty is the wind that gathers those who hear.  Open up the Door for Yehovah and His Kingdom are near.  The outside is bitter, full of kios, killing and crime.  The Commander and Chief of our Land has broken the trust and is heralding in the end of many lives.

They come to surround us, to divide the power that dwells inside. Each has only goodness and mercy to beat back the darkness of this time.  Our weapon for war, is His word, that’s been written upon our hearts.  Wield a mighty sword, cutting deep, gushing forth blood from many hearts.  As a dangling ear at Gethsemane, the reapers come forth for the harvest after the latter rain. 

Yehovah sends forth a lamb with authority, Mashiach comes teaching all things, Yea those deep things, the secrets brought forth by the Latter rain.  We stand in the mud in Worship and Praise.  We’re surrounded with Divine Support, the breath of Yah reveals the Tabernacle that now unites us in a mighty way.

The tears, like a Ruby, bring forth the blood and the new wine.

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