Hebrew Pi 27 - Illuminates, Vibrates and Radiates


Hebrew Pi 27 - 10003137838752886587533208381420617 - Sum 203 

A veil hangs before us at each Tabernacle door.  With each Revelation given us our flesh is ripped and torn.  Its removal on one side is required by the next. Let us enter into the Tabernacle with humility, peace and loving grace.  The Tabernacle is that place we enter to learn and teach.  Uniting the mind and the will, walking Torah, revealing true Love & Peace.  

Look as the Apostles & Prophets pull back the veils covering your eyes.  They reveal the doorway so you may enter inside.  This connecting Heaven to Earth is the life a humble servant abides.  To gather, to reveal what the Tabernacle illuminates, vibrates and radiates from Yehovah to the hearers who stand outside.

Yehovah is where all goodness flows from.  Let us walk with strength atop the tall narrow wall.  Let our steps be full of joy as we dance, for our steps are known for sure when Yehovah is with us.  As we dance, Lord, let us also sing, wielding The Word as a weapon, Yeah a Sword that rejoices in worship,  bringing Heaven upon the Earth with You.

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