Hebrew Pi 29 - The Ark of Your Mind


Hebrew Pi 29 - 115956286388235378759375195778 - Sum 266

A ram has been taken hold by a tree.  The horns are entangled as a plow going forth to be free. The plow rips open the ground that many can be planted as seed. The liquid light of the latter rain is what brings Heaven to Earth so that many may have eyes that see.  Righteousness is the Glory sent by the rains of Hashem.  The Door grants entry to the Bride in her completeness as The Meshiach comes teaching all things, he is Yeshua, known as Jesus, dear friend.

His Ruach comes riding a camel breathing the breathe of God.  Choosing the choicest ones to fill the basket, that the many may hear of life evermore.  Creation breathed the Ruach of God upon men.  The choosen mounted up upon the camel concealing the door with the veils deep within.  The Tzaddik go forth now riding, rich men helping the poor men though the door. The Gimel, now seen, within the Tabernacle, by all once more.

They ride like the wind to the Tabernacle, dismounting outside.  The Bride now in completeness enters into the breath and revelation found through the veils inside.  The Ark is now illuminated and vibrating Yehovah’s resonance in their Minds.  A bountiful harvest, is the resurrection found within the Ark hidden deep within the Tabernacle of Your Mind.

Open the Ark and see what treasures await those that enter inside.

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