Hebrew Pi 30 - By the Raging Sea

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Hebrew Pi 30 - 1857780532171226806613001927876611 - Sum 163

Oh Mighty Yehovah, the Pillar who stands as a fortress by the raging sea.  A mighty rushing wind that is breathed from upon the sea.  Surround us with your Glory Father, Breath liquid light upon me.  Lead us into the Tabernacle, let us be united with thee.  Illuminate us as a fortress by the raging sea.  Let our light so shine that many will be gathered from out & across the raging seas.

Resonate within us as we go outside passing the wall, let us bring forth a family as a wife tells her husband about the things along the sea shore.  Gathering the shells that are revealed as rewards for a bride who walks upon the sands with revelation.   Having eyes that can see, revelation is revealed as the tide, at the appointed time, upon the sea.

With shells in our basket we walk with Him up and away from the raging sea.  Sowing the shells as seeds, the Ruach of God, Yehovah, whispers in our hearts about these.  These are the righteous ones, those with tight shells that came from the sea.  Let there shells now be broken in the field we plowed together before walking in the breeze by the sea.  Look for the tender ones to rise on the Sabbath Day for they will walk under the Chuppah and be given everlasting life on Yehovah’s Great and terrible day.


Is your castle built upon The Rock that Laughs at a Raging Sea?

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