Hebrew Pi 33 - Echo from Deep Within


Hebrew Pi 33 - 5301852968995773622599413891249 - Sum 218

Gather the little ones into the Tabernacle today.  Draw the weapons of war and speak boldly all that is to be said this day.  Unite, stand mighty as pillars of stone.  Look good, carry many, secure all the tent pegs round about before the great storm.

The Oak Tree has deep roots that reveal a great reward.  Those that are gathered, now grafted in, tasting the sweetness of the roots that echo from deep within.  With Life everlasting, that great knowing within, the Tabernacle is filled with the harvest of men.  It is repentance that prepares the branch allowing grafting to begin.

The connection with its binding is a blessing upon men.  The Mashiach comes teaching all things to those who thirst to learn more of Him.  Mighty Yehovah chose the righteous ones at the forming of this world.  He breathed life into us with His power creating Apostles and Prophets to go forth before men.

The Spirit of Elijah is falling upon men from Above, through many decades, some never knowing that they were one.

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