Hebrew Pi 34 - Authority Within


Hebrew Pi 34 - 721775283479131515574857242454 - Sum 188 

Reveal to us your Authority in a mighty way.  Yehovah unite us, breath the Ruach upon our Tabernacle as we walk along The Way.  Surround us, Secure us from all the evil outside.  Make us whole by our repentance, like the baskets be held up high.  

Grant the blind eyes that can see.  Strengthen us this Sabbath through the parables that we will read.  Give us your tools to gather in nets, let us hook all the willing hearts bringing forth your very best.  We stand before the Tabernacle, our house that resides within, look upon us with your favor, complete us for the enduring to the end.

Let our hearts be containers of Divine Love.  Fill our cup to overflowing upon the weak who thirst for more.  Mighty Yehovah, let us drink and eat the bread you send, that food that is not known by carnal and evil hearted men.  Divide the wheat from the chaff, filling the basket with Divine Love hearted men.  Let your Apostolic creation feed all the poor and weak with food that will heal and strengthen them.

Let not a Serpent or Snake have power over them, let your authority within us make evil tremble through our transferred power that now heals and binds the demons within.

Yea, Mighty Yehovah, Master of All, endue our sword with power, strengthen our words to wield them for restoration, restoring goodness and mercy once more.

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