Hebrew Pi 35 - Behind the Veils

Hebrew Pi 35 - 1506959508295331168617278558890750 - Sum 135

A bride within the Tabernacle, Yehovah’s son’s bride, a bride in her completeness rejoices in revelation, taking in the seed, now with opened eyes.  A family united, nourished forever behind the veils. The Mysteries of the Gentiles are now being fullfilled.

Symbolic of the Sabbath Day, resting, receiving repentance, strength and reward.  Yehovah’s breath of Apostolic revelation, a seed now broken growing the tools for weapons of the coming war.

The Door outside and in, releases the Ruach of God upon men.  Cutting and Slashing removing darkness and sin.  With blessings the paupers reveal the Tabernacle's veil within.  With spirituality to see The Door for it has been opened so that the remnant can come forth, Yea, all those that thirst and long for more. 

Elijah has seen the remnant, surfer girl, coming forth!

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