Hebrew Pi 36 - Make The Way Straight


Hebrew Pi 36 - 98381754637464939319255060400927701 - Sum 380

Our Strength is rooted in Torah, that liquid light that rains upon the Earth.  It's bonding is the Ruach that reveals the deep things to those that thirst.  The Kingdom and His Righteousness are found in those that serve Him well, humble servants of Him who sent us, make the way straight leading many away from the Gates of Hell.  The marriage of Melchizedek, that Chuppah deep inside, we hold dear to since the betrothal knowing our completeness will come at an appointed time.

The Ruach comes whispering upon those that are gathered to Him, a coal with a flame of fire is placed on the lips of all of them.  A reward of Apostolic Power comes forth unto all those that enter the Tabernacle within.  This illumination which connects Yehovah to the hearer unites your heart within the Tabernacle as Heaven connects with the Earth.  A chief, a general, a solider of the coming war, my weapon is His word, a mighty double edged sword.

The truth found in the Tabernacle, fine cut rubies, diamonds and gems, cover the walls as righteousness gathered along The Way to the Ark that the Ruach of God has revealed unto men.  Your life is now united, a Tzaddik forever before Him.  A bountiful Harvest from a tiny seed once planted in a field full of earth putting hope in the hearts of men.

Does Your Heart hear words and deeds to be done and spoken to glorify Him?

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