Hebrew Pi 37 - Apostolic Wholeness


Hebrew Pi 37 - 671139009848824012858361603563707660 - Sum 715

The Serpent outside moves silently through the blades looking to bite a foot that walks along The Way.  Selecting the one he divides him from the flock, a ram all alone will be devoured in the dark.  Oh Mighty Yehovah protect us from those that attempt to slither in.  Let us swing fast the hoe, placing them on the fence, letting them hang until the rain and wind blow again.  The weak are secured, now ready to be gathered in.  

The hoe swung well, the rain, wind and thunder give rise with revelation unto men.  Dangling, hooked on the fence, the veiled serpent slides, falling off the wire, dead in their sins.  The Apostles and Prophets divorced of the evil that attempts to bite the feet of men, walk in Apostolic wholeness knowing nothing can bring harm upon them. 

The blessing of the Ruach is as a sprouting root within.  Divine Character well rooted are marked as righteous ones of Him.  Slaying the serpents wrapped around the hearts of men, letting the Tabernacle be found beneath the cutting away of flesh, carnality, all the things that blind and give deafness to men.  The Bride in her completeness, a fountain of wisdom set forth by Yehovah my dear friend, gushes forth at the appointed time with peace, love and joy - A New Jerusalem.

  The tide brings the ocean but the moon carries it away.

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