Hebrew Pi 38 - A Peculiar People


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I look up from the darkness into the morning light, it casts forth shadows connecting Heaven and Earth as darkness gives way to the light.  The dew comes upon the field as the plow turns the earth.  Yehovah's strength gives forth nourishment of dew and of light so the remnant can be birthed.  With humility the righteous ones come forth binding hearts of men, pointing to the narrow gate The Door beyond the hill with the cross, the blood that takes away sin.  Be not divided but unite along our side.  Walk with us and we will reveal The Tabernacle within Your Mind.

For those whom take the seed, forty weeks of pregnancy and then you’ll see that you are one of His chosen, now truly set free.  An apostolic treasure, Yea a peculiar people created for His delight, united in revelation, seed taken, divided from the darkness, standing strong before many as the bright morning light.  Apostles and Prophets illuminating the world, connecting Yehovah to the hearers as the waters cover the sea across the darkness of the earth.

Yehovah has placed the wedding ring upon your finger.  A betrothal gathered by His breath, our place secured for the dinner.  We must walk through the crowds of Aramaic eyes, wielding our weapon with illumination, connecting Mighty Yehovah to the hearers and those that are to have His eyes.  Placing a seed within the few and a thorn deep within the many, those that will remain veiled for all time.

Share the Rain, feel the wetness on your face as you walk along The Way.  Laugh and Sing, rejoice in Him that is within us, Torah in the Flesh, the mystery now revealed for it emanates from deep within us.

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