Hebrew Pi 39 - Heaven’s Glorious Light


 Hebrew Pi 39 - 944825537977472684710404753464620  - Sum 178

The DNA of Yehovah, the veil before us today, is the tool for connecting with Torah, the ten utterances written upon our hearts this day.  Yeshua came to divide us, Yehovah’s well pleasing son, separating the righteous from the veiled ones that wander in darkness within our homes.

The serpent has them, those with eyes can see, they stand before us broken, but not as hulls of the seed.  The Ruach surrounds them, whispering to them through the night.  Illuminating them with dreams that connect them unto heavens glorious light.  There hearts are waxed cold, Yehovah warms them by His side, whispering words of repentance into those hearts that are divided.  Come betroth yourself to me, kill the serpent within, divorce the snake who strikes at men for now is the appointed time to change, hear my calls tonight in your dreams, the unseen world is REAL and ALIVE, you only have to believe.

The veil is secured across the Tabernacle door, symbolic of the Sabbath, it is the connection that the bride removes, Yea, the veil removed before going out to war.  Divide Us Yesuha, carry us thru The Door.  Plow all our hearts deeply, spreading seed and opening The Door.  A veil has been taken that your eyes will surly see, let your heart hear Him whispering unto you in your dreams.

Ask for revelation, a double portion, to rain down at night in your dreams.

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