Hebrew Pi 40 - Be Transfigured


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Good is the veil that dangles before the eyes, its as a closed door to those bound and outside.  The Tabernacle of revelation, where Yehovah breathes upon the bride, opens up the veil to spiritually see all the wonders hidden inside.  A little book is carried along each ones side, it’s the thing that brings completeness to the sweetness of the scent of His bride.  Righteousness & The Kingdom are what resonate inside.

The veil was once rent, a cutting open, a pouring out for those with eyes.  Those that did not see used tools to conceal what was inside.  The resurrection was hidden, mocked and despised.  New rules for the Tabernacle were then set before the blindness of their eyes.  The signs illuminated brightly but fell upon deaf ears, the beloved enclosure became as a pauper and fell to the weapons that came against her.  Ten utterances kept sounding but they heard only the voices of rabbis and men.  Oh Mighty Mashiach reveal yourself to them.

The time has now come, let revelation flow through to them.  Once paupers and weak, their ground is being plowed for the seed once again.  Take the seed, let the hull die in the old way of thinking, seek to hear the Spirit of Elijah sounding forth through Yehovah’s Apostles and Prophets once again.  The Door can be opened, liquid light connecting Heaven to earth at this time.  A Gimel, the poor man helped through The Door by the rich men who stand as pillars alongside the veil securing what is inside.

Kneel down with palm open, scoop the living water flowing freely under the sky, drink in this revelation of Torah, let the clouds rain wetness upon your face, be transfigured by the renewing of Your Mind!

The 9th of Av comes quickly, remember this - The Mind is transfigured in the twinkling of an Eye!

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