Hebrew Pi 41 - Reaching up for the Son

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The Mysteries of the Kingdom are found deep inside.  Listen for the rushing waters, the stream that flows within those that abide.  The wind and the rain are what pull back the veil, connecting Our Mighty Yehovah with those that hear.  Illumination is that connection, the uniting with Christ’s Mind.  The veil is what separates us from The Tabernacle, the Ark held deep inside.  Revelation is what makes our heart beat, Yea Hunts in the early morning light. One secured from the shadows, one standing before the Son in the brightness of His Light.

Righteousness is revealed to all who enter in through The Door.  Repentance complete, hearing Yehovah’s directions once more.  The Holy of Holies is found behind many veils, the transfigured ones are surrounded by those that came before, those that are likened to sweet water from deep wells.  Walking through the veils we shall carry all the faithful unto the appointed time.  The High Priest gives rewards to all the Kings & Priests, crowns of gold with gems, the perfecting work almost done.

Our hands nailed firm to the trunk of the Tree of Life, the bride in her completeness, a fountain of wisdom with eyes full of divine light.  The Tabernacle is what unites us, that place surrounded by divine love deep within.  A place where we sacrifice ourselves daily with forgiveness to all, a living sacrifice before Him.  Righteous in Life, surrounded in Yehovah’s divine love, a seed now broken, hulls dead along side, reveal the everlasting life that springs forth, reaching up for the Son who is now within our Mind.


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