Hebrew Pi 42 - The Winds of the World


Hebrew Pi 42 - 338243003558764024749647326391419 - Sum 359

Within the Tent of Meeting we worship holding hands up on high.  Let the veils be removed for tonight begins the sacred Sabbath time.  Prepare for the Holy Day, let us rest and commune with Him.  Let us experience His Divine Love, revelation freely given, breathe upon us as we read Torah on the Sabbath Day with family and friends.  Our house is full of strength, connection, clouds full of revelation of Torah and Him.  Let us reach out opening the eyes of all that have taken the seed within.

Tent Pegs secured, the winds of the world surround us again.  Add Divine Support to the Tent let not life’s chaos blind our eyes to when the Sabbath begins.  Remember that the swine can not chew the cud, for they wallow in the mire.  You know of the rest, the chewing Words of Torah, give us nourishment dividing us from them that know not the Sabbath or the delight of Torah.

Yehovah sprouting roots with Apostolic might, surround many, make known to them your divine love found on the day of your delight!  Gather them to You. Look! Yehovah is as the Mighty Oak, giving revelation of Torah by the Ruach, opening eyes that they can see along the path, the narrow way that begins and ends each week on the Sabbath, thank you Yehovah for Yeshua, Mighty Jesus, who lives within each of us.


Meditate on this Scripture Today, give this blessing to all as you walk along The Way! Exodus 20:8-11

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