Hebrew Pi 46 - From the Beginning


Hebrew Pi 46 - 2721079750930295532116534498720275 - Sum 382

The Ruach of divine love rains revelation upon us this day.  A fountain of wisdom secures our hand with the sword, a blade swung with power, cutting the veil from before our eyes, removing flesh from around willing hearts each day.  The serpents outside gather to strike the heels of men. The sword is what divides them, slicing evil and removing sin.

All flows from Torah as the Ruach breathes revelation upon men.  The veil that has covered their eyes the past two thousand years was blinding them from the truth of the Aleph and the Tav, that unspeakable mystery in the scriptures from the beginning.   He draws the earth in His hand and spits on it this Sabbath Day.  Making mud he wipes it upon their eyes and sends them to the water to wash and to pray. The Door is now opened revealing eternal life and the Chuppah now spiritually seen arching over them.  They each enter into marriage as The Door closes allowing the ceremony to begin.

Now Illuminated, connected to Yehovah once more, for they heard the whispers of His son as they entered in through The Door.  Repentance radiates as light within the Tabernacle walls.  Like liquid light from Heaven, each one radiates as a King and a Priest once more. Each one as a jar of ritual water turned into precious wine.  The Ruach is a seed that has now impregnated our mind.  Tzaddik’s now and forever, the mystery of the gentiles being fulfilled.  Let all the hosts of heaven rejoice for this is the generation that will raise the temple for the living sacrifice to begin. 

You were meant to be! “Hear”

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