Hebrew Pi 47 - The Goat Wearing Red


Hebrew Pi 47 - 59602364806654991198818347977535- Sum 241 

The Tabernacle floor must be plowed as the field, Mashiach’s family must rise forth from within.  The DNA of Yehovah plows the ground deep inside, let it rain revelation and pour mud out upon the streets and upon all the blind eyes.  Cutting the tender branches, pruning the vine, let us make things ready for the coming Jubilee time.  Let Elijah come calling out, The Mashiach comes teaching all things!

The Tabernacle is that container for the mighty one who resides deep inside.  Our Breath can now be seen as The Ruach resurrected inside.  Yehovah gave His Son, as a Lamb sacrifice before men, afterwards the goat never returned wearing a white ribbon ever again.  Yehovah sent back the goat wearing red to symbolize before them the precious blood of His Son, The Lamb that took away all sin.  The illumination of this revelation was dimmed within their minds, then that faithful day the seed was broken, revealing the darkness that had overtaken their minds.

 But on this day we seek to gather all those that were led astray.  The veils over The Door have reached the beloved, let us crossover into completeness, let us rejoice for we now walk along The Way.  United, fresh plowed, the revelation of Torah building the Tabernacle within, let us take the hoe now covering the seed, so that it will burst forth to the Light, the Light of Yeshua my dear friend.

The Gentiles Cried Out, “Ahzahzel!"

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