Hebrew Pi 48 - Uniting the Bride


Hebrew Pi 48 - 6636980742644252786255181841757- Sum 294

Reveal the basket, set it before our eyes. Fill it with your abundance in the Tabernacle of the Mind.  Let us gather the liquid light and drink it deep within, let the veils covering the mysteries be illuminated allowing us to hear YeHoVah yet again.

Let the Breathe of the Ruach pass through the veil.  Surround us with goodness and mercy of our mighty Hashem.  YeHoVah grants us repentance, uniting the bride with HIs Son, a marriage made in Heaven to last for the rest of all time.  

An apostolic life rewarded to those that find The Door, those that are the bride, righteous ones with trains of white glowing with completeness forevermore.  Take in the seed, walk with Him, let the Ruach of God radiate from deep within.

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