Hebrew Pi 49 - Let Us Go Forth as the Breeze


Hebrew Pi 49 - 4672890977772793800081647060016145249 - Sum 22

Secure the pillars of truth.  Let the apostles and prophets rain down the liquid light connecting heaven to earth as the dew left in the coolness of the dawning light.  The digits of three are coming into completeness for you and for me for the double edge sword must be drawn as a weapon slicing the veil within the Tabernacle, allowing illumination which connects YeHoVah to the hearer, granting eyes that now see.

The Ruach haKodesh has opened The Door to all with eyes that see.  The Ark now exposed, the glory cloud resonating above it, the tablets within calling out revelation, Build the Temple so that I may enter into YOU!  Cut the stones, make each of them hewn with the courage of Hashem!  Unite with a secure connection in the Tabernacle within.  Let each breath go out as The Ruach upon men, let us go forth as the breeze opening eyes that they may spiritually see the deepness of Ten.

Oh Mighty YeHoVah, send your son within us, The Mashiach,  Yea - Yeshua, outside then inside for our Glory, let it come upon us.  Let those that are poor be helped through The Door by the rich man and the Gimel revealing Torah unto them.  Give us apostolic understanding of the harvest times, then reveal to ALL Torah, the weapon to slay evil, wicked soulless beings that now deceive the hearts of carnally minded men.

The Breeze touches ALL, but nothing touches The Breeze, for it will become a mighty rushing wind as the water covers the sea. 

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