Hebrew Pi 50 - The Womb Birthing


Hebrew Pi 50 - 1921732172147723501414419735685- Sum 1768

Climb upon the camel, let us ride across the desert floor.  Let us set the tent of meeting that we will know you more.  Help us sharpen our weapon that we'll be a great blessing upon men.  Let our life be one of humility, symbolic of the Sabbath day, rejoicing in worship with Him.  With a sharpened sword, now guide our blade, as we plow open cutting the calluses from hardened hearts as we walk along The Way.

Strengthen the wife, The Bride who takes each step with you. Let us grasp tight the hoe, a greater bond as we walk along with You.  Open our mouth that we may eat the fruit off the vine, chewing of the word gaining strength to open the secured doorway at the appointed time.

Now cast your eye upon a fountain of wisdom, hidden revelation, when discovered becomes the womb birthing out Mashiach - The Embodiment of the Kingdom!  With this Apostolic understanding now secure deep inside,  a ram with the torn veil, with wide opened eyes can spiritually see the Ark within the Tabernacle of the Mind.  Those that are weak look to the ram, take off the veil, ride the camel, Take the Journey, a journey of completeness by all those that endure to the end.

A Mighty Rushing Wind will bring forth the Seven Thunders, a birthing within, making clouds of storming rain pounding the earth and the hearts of men.

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