Hebrew Pi 52 - Eyes That Spiritually See


Hebrew Pi 52 - 6843852332390739414333454776241 - Sum 214

The Richman is at the Temple, the Temple in Jerusalem to be built in troublesome times. He speaks about the enclosure but nothing about the resident to be inside.  With a hook the flesh will be gathered, secured on the altar for HaShem.  Grant them all revelation of what is symbolic of the Sabbath Day, the rabbinic laws brought in by their fathers, laws that changed the precious words of Moshe, changes made only to control men.  Let the resurrection take seed and glow within the Tabernacle once more, tear down the man made laws as the tables were turned of old.  

Let them look upon the mount with eyes that spiritually see.  A Tabernacle that stands firm, never looking toward the court of the gentiles, the dome of the rock that stands as cancer and disease.   For many Apostles and Prophets will be gathered revealing many mysteries to the veiled ones that go inside.  Let all the little children come as the bride in her completeness for the coming harvest time.

The Richman at the Temple, the one along side the Shrine, build a wall to divide the veiled ones who will  never crossover and come inside.  The serpent has gripped them tightly, only death and destruction is in their minds, they’ll bring the man of perdition after taking down the wall that will be built to separate evil from those loving hearts on the other side.

Will the poor man receive the reward and be helped through The Door by Chaim Richman?

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