Hebrew Pi 53 - Revelation Once More


Hebrew Pi 53 - 686251893569485562099219222184 - Sum 173

Secure your Life, come through the door.  Collect your reward, unite with revelation once more.  The tabernacle within is the reward, the resurrected life that is everlasting, a blessing from the Apostles and Prophets of old.

Hunt for the weapon! Let us gather them for the serpents who bring poverty and the coming war.  May YeHoVaH help the poor men through the tabernacle door.  Oh Father walk with us, nourish us with morning manna as the son rises once more.  Carry us who are poor and weak, open our eyes that we may see and be more than broken hulls upon the tabernacle floor.

Grant us a humble heart for the needs of this world.  Grant us atonement and reconciliation, a means to connect heaven upon the earth.  Let us build a home filled with Your presence.  Let our  doorway lead to spiritual knowledge of Yeshua and unity with Him. Let us find and befriend the eternal one, the One who indwells within.

Remember Dear Friend, the world is trying to kill you with poison food and pharmacy of evil men.  Be watchful of your Temple, let not there pills and white rabbits enter in, tell the caterpillar that the birds must eat for now is the appointed time.  Seek revelation and the indwelling of Yeshua, radiate love upon the world, manifest truth in the hearts of your neighbors forevermore.

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