Hebrew Pi 54 - Given Freely by Him


Hebrew Pi 54 - 272550254256887671790494601653466 - Sum 332

Pillars stand strong outside the binding hall.  They connect the family with the Ruach of God, Yea Mighty YeHoVaH who unites and gives all.  He Surrounds us with a wall that protects us from evil and sin.  The morning manna He gives us nourishes us with revelation again and again.  Our Mighty Father breathes upon us as we walk along The Way with Him.

As the dawn comes rising with liquid light upon men, the wetness of the morning dew is what connects Heaven and Earth deep within the hearts of righteous men.  The veil is pulled back revealing the Son that now blazes though our eyes.  Those rays of light found outside, known as revelation from Him, the breath of YeHoVaH is the revelation that moves the seed with a piercing root for all time.

Listen to the small still voice, the living waters found deep within, it whispers revelation of Torah, repentance and all things good which are given freely by Him.  Open the Tabernacle,  reveal Yeshua’s power that radiates within!  Surround the family inside with His blessing, let the strength of the Pillars be seen by all men.  Invite them to the wedding, come through The Door, sit and dine with Him with a renewed mind and joy.

Who is She?  She can be found in Proverbs 4:6 Dear Friend!

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