Hebrew Pi 58 - The Veil We Stand Before

Hebrew Pi 58 - 4560424196528502221066118630674427 - Sum 264

Take the seed, the revelation that comes upon you and upon me.  Mighty YeHoVaH’s Tabernacle is within us, each breath brings us eyes that see.  The Torah reveals the tabernacle inside , let us walk by the pillars with our arms held up high.  Let His word be the weapon, Yea let it be our just reward.  Swinging the sword of His word that the serpent can slither no more.

The Tabernacle dear friend brings true completness binding the hearts of men, the veil we stand before, the place of transfiguration where we’re surrounded by Him.  With His divine support the enclosure, Yea the Ark, is un-veiled within.  Only by the renewing of your mind does He grant strength to endure to the end.

Our House, that enclosure deep within, that place where the veil’s are lifted, that place we are united with Him.  Life everlasting with revelation that brings Heaven upon the earth, sowing the seed inside the hearts of men as in the days of Yeshua’s birth.  The Liquid light connection is what completes us making us whole, righteous ones before Him, His coming Glory revealed and now foretold.

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