Hebrew Pi 59 - Burns Brightly Inside


Hebrew Pi 59 - 862203919494504712371378696095636 - Sum 272

As Paupers we come, His breath opening our eyes, he grasps and holds our hand bringing us through the veils that are hung inside.  The Tabernacles veils conceal the mystery of YeHoVaH hidden inside, the bonding with His spirit illuminate us with revelation of Torah, the seed planted upon the field that awaits the rain to come in time.

Inside the Temple He unites with His humble servants, a blessing given to His bride, those righteous ones that have their eyes opened wide.  The Tabernacle, that place that Love radiates from the light that burns brightly inside, hearing the ten utterances driving in as the tent pegs are driven in the sands of time dear friend.  The lines are connected with YeHoVaH’s strength and love.  

His bride is revealed in these shadows, tent pegs driven deep that hold tight the lines.  The Mashiach comes teaching the hidden mystery of all things. like the tautness. lines singing in the breeze as His bride in her completeness.  The veils have been pulled back a bit more, lifted from the floor.  A doorway revealed, a family awaiting, like the ground not yet plowed before the Tav at the end of the row.

Turn around and walk away from the world’s religious systems that bind you and take your money.  Come into the Truth of Torah, the revelation of the Feasts, walking in the spirit and living forever Yes, for all time.  Read Matthew 7:7 and know that His Word is Truth!  

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