Hebrew Pi 60 - Ride Out of the Desert


Hebrew Pi 60 - 4371917287467764657573962413890 - Sum 239

A life is everlasting for those that connect with the deep things hidden inside.  The tabernacle within is where the palm opens scooping the water, drinking revelation of Torah, the reward for righteous ones that abide.  YeHoVaH surrounds us, for His Son is the Open Door, invite Him into your temple let Yahshua indwell inside.

There is a veil over the Door, removed only by a sprouting seed.  The roots dig into the veil then release to You eyes that can see.  The keen eye is made ready for battle, the parable sword now a weapon in the right hand.  Our strength comes from inside the Tabernacle, the budding rod of Aaron found in the ark deep within. Climb upon camel and ride out of the desert dear friend!  Ride to that place where the Sabbath day has become a Holy Convocation again.  Stand as a Chief ready for war, that evil would tremble across the promised land.  

Ride the camel dear friend, let the Bride enter into her completeness, uniting an everlasting life once more.  Look deep within, now seeing, the liquid light now connecting Heaven to Earth for evermore.  Come together, becoming that remnant surrounded by them that have the light that shines within their eyes.  Yea, those standing in the circle as a wedding ring upon a finger, with Hope, Faith and Love blushing as a new bride.  The bonding of those righteous ones, those that have eyes that spiritually see, are also illuminated by YeHoVaH, ears circumcised to hear His lovingkindness, His unique experience that washes over You and over Me.

Love is the Answer Dear Friend!  Give some to your neighbors today!

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