Hebrew Pi 63 - The Brides Illumination


Hebrew Pi 63 - 620522489407726719478268482601476 - Sum 262

Hold the tent peg, hold it with two hands, make it secure.  Let the hammer swing down upon it driving it deep but never splitting the wood.  Let the 40 weeks of pregnancy begin this very day.  Let the bride in her completeness stand under the marriage chuppah.  Let us reveal the bonding with the lifting of the veils that the breath of YeHoVaH may enter into each of them.  Now the brides illumination, which connects YeHoVaH to the hearer, surrounds us all rejoicing in her completeness.

With the veil now lifted, the tent peg holds strong each wall, we can go forth walking with Him as righteous ones uniting with all.  The bride now comes forth gathering those with eyes that spiritually see.  Their Tabernacle within is full of revelation for they have taken and broken open the seed.

This bonding with the Ruach is where the fountain of wisdom comes alive.  A container full of goodness and mercy never a place of ego or pride.  A life with a blessing that goes forth looking deep into the eyes of those outside, Yea looking for the Tabernacle, the Tabernacle that is seen by Him that indwells within us, it brings down the veils covering their minds.

She is Wisdom Dear Friend!

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