Hebrew Pi 65 - Inviting them to Enter


Hebrew Pi 65 - 451749399651431429809190659250937 - Sum 357

Surrounded with humility we go hunting for the Tabernacle hidden behind the pillars where HIS revelation flows from the depths of the living water found inside.  Mighty YeHoVaH has begun to gather us with His liquid light that connects Heaven to earth, a reward found now for it is the appointed time.

Righteous ones who have come through The Door, their veils removed, nourished by the reward.  Their cutting tools go forth cutting the veils before the poor.  The Ruach breaths upon us for He is the Master Teacher of all.  The revelation within Torah is the illumination which connects YeHoVaH to the hearer, Yea, to those who have seen and know all.

Our life is fulfilled by drinking in revelation of Torah, it is the action where Apostles and Prophets help the poor man through the narrow gate.  Righteous ones now connected for they have entered into the Tabernacle found deep inside.  The breath of the Ruach is what has opened their eyes, inviting them to enter in and stand before the Ark that is awaiting in the depths of your mind.

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