Hebrew Pi 66- Ruach’s Breeze to Enter In


Hebrew Pi 66 - 22169649151570985838741059788595 - Sum 236

The veil moves by the breath of YeHoVah.  The fields are plowed, yoked to Him, that the poor man is found a righteous one once more.  The reward comes with a basket, so hold the basket up on high!  Giving thanks unto our Father, for the liquid light comes connecting heaven to earth forevermore.

Breath upon us YeHoVah!  Let us come in thru and out of The Door.  Let us be found worthy, walking in humility, perceived as weak but with His infinite strength and power to take the poor man in thru and out of the Holy Place once more.  Repentance comes from taking hold of the Word, turning aside to the mysteries that now pass before our opened eyes.  Now complete in His wholeness, a pillar now standing along each side.

The tent of meeting pitched yet again.  The moth holes in the sides allow the Ruach’s breeze to enter in.  The serpents slither around, rising up, and peering in.  This house now made ready for the Jubilee time to sprout the seeds again.  Goodness and mercy to walk along The Way as His bride in her completeness.

Life is like a box a chocolates, YOU never know what your gonna get!

"Truly I tell you," He said, "unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

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