Hebrew Pi 67 - Eaten His Bread


Hebrew PI 67 - 9772975498930161753928468138268 - Sum 194

This is Our House, a family of three.  YeHoVaH secures the container, His son changed the water to the wine, it was a sweet wedding drink.  Yea, let us go out into the mornings early light, let us gather the Manna that's seen as HIS Flesh glistens upon their veiled faces.  The liquid light connects Heaven to Earth, YeHoVaH breathes upon the hearer.

The roots of a mighty Oak pierce deep, taking the seed,  now ready to become a fountain of wisdom.  Surely Goodness and Mercy will follow us all the days of our lives, having passed under the Chuppah on the Sabbath Day having eaten His Bread and drinking His Wine.  Let us remember each and every Sabbath Day, let us be nourished as we walk outside pointing others Along The Way.

The Door has swung opened on this Pi Day, ten utterances come forth as lightning, lightning bolts shown brightly in the rain.  It is time to Look Up and shout Repentance, forgive ALL that harm will come no more.  Head to the fields at the top of the hill where the good seed gets sown in wholeness and the breath, The Ruach, blows them in mysterious ways that makes them strong.

 Are your days numbered?  Will Your Veil be lifted that you can see the mystery unfold before your eyes, that your ears will open and revelation of Manna will fill your heart with LOVE revealing The Kingdom of Heaven with1N yOUR Anointed Tabernacle, once TRUELY REVEALED is The Ark of the Covenant, Noah’s Mind!

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