The Mystery Language of Ancient Pictographic Hebrew NOW Revealed in Messages from Pi

May the Mystery of the Gentiles be fulfilled by the Renewing of the Minds of those that have been brought by Him

The Mystery Revealed

Many wondrous things have occurred to bring this work to you this day.  It all started with a Hebraic root that tapped into a stream along The Way.  The mighty oak grew many acorns with great hope the stream would take them to a fertile land and be planted for others walking along The Way.  May the breath of Yehovah lead you to these acorns, for the seed is sown in This Way.

I found the Hebraic root and it led me to learn the Hebrew letters as I walked along The Way.  I was amazed to discover that Hebrew is the oldest pictographic language in the world.  Then I discovered each Hebrew letter has a number equivalent and the letters form words that sum to the same!

As I studied more about pictographic Hebrew it helped me to understand the modern version of Hebrew and I began to see how the meaning of words was rooted in the ancient Hebrew pictographic meanings.

The numeric meanings of the letters is also revealed in the words. Adding up the numeric meaning of the letters in a word reveals that words numeric number.  All other words that have the same number have a connection and often times a hidden prophetic meaning. The Hebrew language has many levels of understanding, from ankle deep to often times over our heads. It is fascinating!  Let’s us wade in to the living water!

Pi is now called The Digits of Three.  The one and only infinite number in  the known universe.  The prophetic words in each Pi Day’s message are revealed to us by translating each number in the sequence of Pi, then into their Ancient Pictographic Hebrew letter form.  

A spreadsheet was created that converts the Pi numbers into the Pictographic Symbols and Meanings.  We then save a copy of the spreadsheet, shared at the bottom of each page, and create a graphic file of the (30) thirty Pictographic Hebrew Letters that make up each message.  These items are then added to the web page.

Next we give thanks for the blessing of translation, by the power of Him that lives within me - Ruach haKodesh, we interpret each letter/number’s various meanings into the poetic and prophetic messages that flow through our fingertips and onto each web page.  

Once the message is completed the Pi Day title is selected/revealed from the words within the message by the prompting of the Holy Ghost and used in finding just the right picture to add in expressing a prophetic meaning hidden within the message.

The creative process continues with a prayer of Thanks and Praise with a humble request to hear the song/music play in my head.  We then search YouTube for the group, song or lyric that is heard.  We find the song heard in our head then select a version that displays the lyrics and, if possible, has still photos or vintage video within it.

The whole process takes about an hour or so.  I never cease to be amazed at how the message, title, picture and video work together to pierce the heart with the flaming sword of the parable words.  

Each pictographic letter has numerous meanings.  The Aleph, first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, in pictographic Hebrew is the head of an Ox.  As the Ox was the strongest of animals it means Strength, Power, Apostolic, Chief, Pillar, Oak Tree, Ram, Leader and G-d Almighty YHVH himself!

Each letter/number has various meanings.  We listen to what Ruach haKodesh puts in our heart to make the melody of the words.   I’m also led in a similar way when writing the closing words of each days message.  May these words be a blessing unto You and those you SHARE them with.  

May The Torah be found written upon your heart!  Take the Journey, may your Hebraic Roots find the Living Water that brings a bountiful harvest at the appointed time.

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