Hebrew Pi 1968 - Everlasting Glory Unite


Mind of the Anointed One, the Hope of Glory, the Appointed Time is Come!

Hebrew Pi 1968 - 683868942774155991855925245953 - Sum 164

Let each of US lift up our hearts connecting Heaven with YeHoVaH’s Will upon the earth.  Let the fence be raised so the chosen can be gathered in the righteousness of the mystery of the heaven’s on the day of yOUR birth.  Let the bundles be divided and made secure along The Way.   Let each breath of life blown past the veil flow in the Tent of Meeting found hidden in the essence of The Sabbath Day.

Let Our blade be sharp, a cutting tool like a wheel, that the Poor Man helped through the door by the Richman would Reveal, YeHoVaH’s seed being broken open all across the earth in due season.  Let the Righteous Ones come with basket’s filled and raised upon High!  YeHoVaH’s Everlasting Glory Unite US as the Ruach whisper’s upon Our Hearts NOW and for ALL time!

Revelation of The Word bring’s wholeness within.  The Tabernacle of the Mind and Heart is where God’s House goes forth with like a Gimel of YeHoVaH’s Glory,  mud upon the boots of men.  Let each of US look down with living water flowing through each hand, now washing each others feet, an Apostles reward, that each Camel could never thirst again.

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