Hebrew Pi 03 - He Breathes

Monarch chrysalis dark b 9-27-12

Hebrew Pi 03 - 4944592307816406286208998628034825 - Sum 315

There is movement surrounding the pathway that enters in by The Door.  It’s revealing the contents within,  teaching us how to plow so we’ll not be separate anymore.  Let the strong Ox blade hook the ground in such a way that the water will penetrate deep in your heart this very day.  

Who builds the house for the bride?  Is it one who lives outside?   

A nail was driven to tame not to divide.  The snake wraps to contain us when our thoughts are turned outside.  Secure The Temple!  Speak forth mighty words.  Yea, get on the Camel and ride along the pathway.  We mend the fence for our family with Love, as He breathes revelation on us from above.


Is your Chrysalis burning with Fire?

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