Hebrew Pi 55 - Sowing the Seed


Hebrew Pi 55 - 80498862723279178608578438382796 - Sum 301

The tabernacle stands in the desert as a weapon piercing into the land.  The blessing of the Ruach can be felt in each burning grain of sand.  As Torah comes forth, sprouting roots from the seed, this blessing reveals the veil before the Holy of Holies and grants us eyes that see.

Our experience, Yeah each ones experience is unique, as created by Him. Our eternal life in YeHoVaH is granted by Yeshua’s indwelling within.  A new beginning, a binding with God in whatever we do.  As leather across our backs joined with Him, pulling the plow, ripping the ground, sowing the seed in each one of you.  Let us rise as the oak tree at the end of row, that place where the cutting tool is raised in humility, that Door found by the Tav as the blade digs in once more.

Listen to the harmony as the Ruach’s breeze gently touches our mind.  A knowing that the betrothal comes with His protection that is everlasting upon mankind.  YeHoVaH illuminates us as he whispers prophetic words into our ears, revealing the revelation and reward found pass the veils, Yeah past the pillars that connect Heaven and earth within us along The Way that glorifies Him. 

May you receive this Revelation, that the rapture is the moment, that twinkling of an eye, when you become as a cloud, coming back with HIM, raining down and revealing the revelation of the latter rain across the minds of mankind.  A great cloud of witnesses slaying the binding religious spirits created by the doctrines of men, the denominations that create division and inhibit the revelation knowledge coming forth, for now is the appointed time to pierce the hearts of men.

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