Hebrew Pi 11 - Reveal to Them


Hebrew Pi 11 - 815209209628292540917153643678925 - Sum 943

Come unto the Tabernacle, the Tabernacle of the Mind.  Tear down those thorns that are piercing, holding You back and that bind.  Let Your blessing come in, let your eyes be opened wide.  For the veil that surrounds you is where YHVH resides.  

Become the Bride in completeness, a resurrected life that abides.  Let the knowing of the true Sabbath resonate deep inside.  Take hold of the family, those weak, and reveal to them what’s inside.  Bring them into The Life, that sprouting root that illuminates in the sky.  

Let the divine healing connect them to the reward.  Sit them down under the Oak Tree so that the Breath of YHVH will be a breeze coming by.  As we sit outside in the divided light of day let the Aposoltic Ram be the sacrifice for today.  

Let them take the plow, having removed the veil within, and come into the marriage that we may sup with Him.

Having Faith, Hope & Love brings the Peace Inside Us All!

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