Hebrew Pi 62 - Give us the Weapon


Hebrew Pi 62 - 64078951269468398352595709825822 - Sum 266

Outside the world continuously blinds us with lust, ego and poisonous chemicals that bring forth genocide.  They add in the poisons right before our blinded eyes.  They make us broken dividing us from the joy and wonder that awaits inside.  A camel roaming freely is what brings us to the Tabernacle and the pillars that stand outside.  Poor and weak from the long poisonous ride we must lift up our hands and cry unto our Father,  I forgive all those that have done evil upon me, grant me forgiveness in the same measure, wash away the poison for I give repentance unto thee.

Oh Father, make us whole once again.  Breath upon us that we can take the seed again.  Unite us YeHoVaH, resurrect us, give us Your just reward.  Make us Tzaddik’s let the veils fall from our eyes that we can know you more.  Give us the weapon, the mystery of the double edged sword, that we may enter inside as your bride in completeness with the breath of Your Ruach giving sight unto our eyes.

The snake no longer in us, we kill the beast within everyday, bonding with His righteousness we come thru the veils connecting Heaven and earth as the transfiguration on Yahshua’s faithful day.  Symbolic of the Sabbath, keeping the commandments for evermore.

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