Hebrew Pi 31 - A Parable Revealed


Hebrew Pi 31 - 19590921642019893809525720106548586 - Sum 578

A ram outside reveals revelation raining down from the morning sky.  The field has been plowed and sown as The Bride in her completeness who now hides.  Chewing of the word, the seed broken, the Apostles and Prophets rejoice! For they have seen within the tabernacle, Yehovah’s apostolic bride.

The power now resonating up out of the ground, creates the blessing, a fist securely swinging the double edge sword as a parable revealed upon your mind.  That connection of heaven and earth give birth as illumination connecting the hearer to Yehovah light.  He is the mighty oak full of acorns which is  divine revelation, the essence of rain upon you.

The ram grazes by that mighty oak surrounded by blessings as food outside.  Symbolic of the Sabbath, pillars securing with Apostolic might, all those that find The Elijah Ministries, for now is the appointed time.

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